May 27, 2010

A drop in visit
from the Word
upon awakening.
Easily heard
& needed.

“And there shall be
stability in your times…”
Isaiah 33:6

A pop in visit
from our old faded
shelled pond friend.

Easily spotted by his
bouncy – bumpy
3 legged gait.
Slowly carefully
taking in another
summer at our place.

Search for ‘Me’ this day.

Take courage.
Be confident.

inquire for
& require
‘My’ presence.

Yet, the Lord will command
His loving-kindness
in the daytime,
and in the night
His song shall be with me,
a prayer to the God
of my life.
Psalm 42:8


2 Responses to “Return”

  1. Maria Delgado Says:

    This was beautiful. That strawberry looked so bright!

  2. Bonnie Solid Says:

    Our little visitor really prefers mushrooms. You are so sweet to read & share in what God is teaching over here.

    Your little girl is really growing up !! So pretty…wonder why ?

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