I enjoy the rhythm of life lived close to Jesus. {Psalm 27:13-14}

~ in Christ for 35 years {so needful}

~ 30 years of married life to her true companion {so precious}

~ completed homeschool mother of 2 sons: 22 & 19 years {so blessed}

Bruised and bleeding soul…
Be still and know that I am God. {Psalm 46:10}
When adoring the past my soul leaks…
Filling comes…sealing comes…courage returns…in being still.
There is a peace. {Philippians
Pray through the circumstance.
The power is in the stillness.
Life will return.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Jane Powers Says:

    I work with Shirley and consider her a very good friend.
    She chose to share your website with me and I an sooo gratefull to her.
    I feel like I already know all of her family from all the hours we spend every Thursday nite ( for about 7 years) just talking for about an hour before our nite meeting.
    I have prayed as well as all of her members in all of her classes for your family.
    What a remarkable woman and family you all are.
    Your sign says it all. ROCK SOLID
    Jane Powers

    • Bonnie Solid Says:

      Your lovely note brings my heart great … great joy.
      I am so blessed by the prayers of His people.
      Pray we finish … rock solid in Him.

      Shirley has always been one of my first mentors & examples of a godly wife & mother.
      I do cherish her example & prayers.
      Thank you for committing to faithfully pray for us too !!

  2. Maria Delgado Says:

    I am so glad that I could read these posts and truly just get a peek into your heart. You’re a beautiful lady Mrs. Bonnie!

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